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Narcissa Malfoy
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Mrs. Malfoy
Glamour At Its Best

Name: Narcissa Renoir-Malfoy [Narciss, Narci, Cissi, Cissa]
Age: 35
Birth date: February 1, 1960
Wand: None
Family: Husband – Lucius Malfoy, Son – Draco Malfoy
Friends: Severus Snape, Mr. and Mrs. Lestrange, Mr. Macnair, Mr. Rosier, Mr. and Mrs. Nott
Living Place: The Malfoy Manor

Background: Narcissa was born into a family of French Death Eaters, where she had everything she wanted, was surrounded by wealth, and never had to lift a finger. Being a pureblood herself, she was forced to marry one. Upon entering her first year at Hogwarts, she was placed into Slytherin house. Therefore, she hated anyone who wasn’t one. She met Lucius in her 4th year, when he asked her to the traditional Yule Ball. As much as she hated his personality [but loved his looks], her parents definitely approved of him, as they were very good friends with the Malfoy family. The next summer a planned marriage was in the works. Upon her graduation from Hogwarts, she was married to Lucius. By the end of the summer, Lucius and herself were appointed new Death Eaters and willingly received their marks. 17 years of marriage has brought her nothing but pain and suffering and a darling son – Draco, whom she loves with all her heart.

Physical: Narcissa is tall and slim – around 5’8’’, weighing 110 lbs. Her Veela-blonde hair is long, straight and silky. Large jade green eyes are further accentuated with daily-applied mascara, black eyeliner and a light green eye shadow, to show off her Slytherin Pride. She’s almost always sporting a look of complete disgust and annoyance upon her alabaster-white pointy face. Narcissa is usually dressed in formal wear with far too much jewelry.

Personality and Relationships: Narcissa truly holds up to the name “Malfoy”. Being married to Lucius has not only increased her amount of money, but also her amount of pride. She looks down upon those who are not as wealthy, or not on the same class or scale as her family is. Narcissa has low tolerance/patience, and is bound to snap in almost any given situation. However, she holds her tongue when it comes to Lucius. Narcissa will use and take advantage of almost anybody she comes across. Despite her attitude, she is a caring mother and rushes to her son’s every need. She isn’t afraid to flaunt what she has, and is convinced that anyone who hates her is only jealous. Narcissa isn’t a very intelligent person, but looks and money make up for it. She is interested in the well being of only her son.
Narcissa is afraid of Lucius and his threats. But when in public, she carries on as if he were the best husband in the world. However, as much as she fears him, she enjoys both spending time and sleeping with him. The discussion of another heir has yet to come up, although she would love having another child. Narcissa drinks at any chance she gets – except when Lucius hides the Brandy! The day they got married, Lucius broke Narcissa’s wand in half, convinced that she wouldn’t need it. Ever since then, she has been wandless.
Narcissa would gladly divorce Lucius at any given chance. The only reason she is still with him is because she refuses to have Draco grow up without a father. [And because of the money, but don’t tell anyone. Shh!]

OOC: Narcissa Renoir-Malfoy is yet another production of RPbyRachel [RPR] – can’t you tell? IM me at evilishly if you want to RP or just talk – I’m almost always available. Narcissa belongs to JK Rowling, I have just improved her a *tiny* bit. If you are interested in joining Apparecium, talk to me, the Mod. Emma Bunton, former Spice Girl, is used to model Narci.